Strategic priorities

I believe that we are witnessing the beginning of a new stage in Nornickel’s growth story rather than the end of the Company's successful value enhancement exercise. I am positive about this as our Company has its feet firmly on the ground thanks to its robust long-term financial model and strategy focused on value creation fundamentals and underpinned by the sustained competitiveness of the world’s best Tier I assets.
Vladimir POTANIN President of Nornickel
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Strategic priorities

The Company’s strategy is fully compliant with Russia’s national priorities.

Nornickel leads the charge in Russia’s metals and mining sector in terms of its environmental activity, green investments, social and charitable expenses, and contribution to the domestic investment growth. In 2019–2022, total investments in Russia will stand at around USD 11.5 bnIt also stands to note that some of the Company’s initiatives are included in the Russian Government's list of national projects.

Focus on safety and environment

  • Zero tolerance policy towards workplace fatalities
  • 15% occupational injuries reduction each year
  • Continued implementation of the comprehensive environmental programme

Focus on operating and financial efficiency

  • 5–8% growth in metals output in the short term
  • An increase in labour productivity of up to 15% (2020 vs 2017)
  • Programme for digitisation and automation of production processes
  • Keeping cash costs below the inflation rate

Rollout based on the current assets

  • 15–25% growth in metals output in the long term (2025+)
  • Production ramp-up at the unique Talnakh ore mining base
  • Development of the Southern Cluster and expansion of cutting-edge concentration capacities at Talnakh Concentrator as promising growth projects
  • Main stage of renewing the infrastructure and key production facilities

Analysis of new growth opportunities

  • Assessment of Blue Sky – a unique partnership project wich Russian Platinum designed to bring on stream Arctic Palladium, potentially the world’s largest greenfield PGM cluster
  • New products