Kola Peninsula

Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company (Kola MMC) is Norilsk Nickel's 100% subsidiary and an important production asset.

Located on the Kola Peninsula in Russia's Murmansk Region, Kola MMC is fully integrated into the transport infrastructure of the Northwestern Federal District.

Kola MMC produces disseminated copper-nickel sulphide ores containing nickel, copper and other commercial components.

It leverages various ore mining methods:

  • the Zhdanovskoye Deposit uses sublevel longwall caving with front ore passes, block caving (limited scope of application), and open-pit mining (at Yuzhny open pit);
  • the Kotselvaara and Semiletka Deposits primarily use stoping from sublevel drifts and sublevel caving, as well as room-and-pillar short-hole and long-hole stoping (limited scope of application).
Ore output (mt)
Mining asset 2016 2017 2018 Mine type
Total ore mined 7.62 7.64 7.90
Zhdanovskoye Deposit: 6.77 6.81 7.14
Severny Mine 6.31 6.55 6.56
Severny Mine 0.46 0.26 0.58
Zapolyarnoye Deposit: 0.14 0.14 0.08
Severny Mine 0.14 0.14 0.08
Kotselvaara and Semiletka Deposits: 0.71 0.70 0.68
Kaula-Kotselvaara mine 0.71 0.70 0.68

Concentration facilities

  • Zapolyarny Concentrator.

The Concentrator produces briquetted copper-nickel concentrate. Briquettes are delivered to Smelting Shop to produce converter matte.

2018 milestones

In 2018, Kola MMC's Concentrator processed 7.9 mt of ore, up 0.3 mt y-o-y. In 2018, the rate of metals recovery in bulk concentrate was below the 2017 level due to the higher share of complex morphology ores with disseminated sulphide minerals in the charge.

Smelting facilities

  • Smelting Shop (Nickel)
  • Briquetting section (Zapolyarny)
  • Metallurgical Shop (Monchegorsk)
  • Refining Shop (Monchegorsk)
  • Tankhouses 1 and 2 (Monchegorsk)

The Company is upgrading Tankhouse 2 to create a nickel cathode production unit harnessing the technology of nickel electrowinning from chlorine dissolved tube furnace nickel powder. The project is set to boost the Company’s production capacity from 120 ktpa to 145 ktpa of electrolytic nickel while also improving the recovery rates by 1%. In late 2018, Norilsk Nickel commissioned the first series of electrolysis cells, with the project expected to reach its design capacity by the end of 2019.

Metals output
Metal 2016 2017 2018
Nickel, kt 131,235 157,396 158,005
from own Russian feed 126,937 155,110 157,519
Copper, kt 70,272 80,781 83,070
from own Russian feed 63,542 78,587 82,987
Palladium, koz 851 1,782 1,684
from own Russian feed 815 1,737 1,684
Platinum, koz 173 401 382
from own Russian feed 159 385 382